About HOPE

HOPE is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1982 in the state of Ohio.

How HOPE works

HOPE works to promote good health, encourage scientific research and disseminate information about the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer and other serious diseases and accidents. On behalf of its members, HOPE contributes to established nonprofit organizations that support HOPE's mission.

Examples of how HOPE works:

  • $100,000 gift to support cancer research at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center
  • Hope established an endowment with American Cancer Society and contributed $250,000
  • HOPE also supported the work of Dr. Michael Verneris.

How you're helping

As a certificateholder of Washington National Insurance Company and a member of HOPE, you are automatically contributing to the good work of HOPE and its support of these important nonprofit organizations. Thanks to your contribution to HOPE, together we will help make a difference in the fight against cancer and other diseases.

Member update

The merger of HOPE and AFFRA was approved at the August 30, 2010 meeting. Going forward, all members of HOPE and AFFRA are now members of HOPE.

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